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I am a writer of science fiction and fantasy and also an avid reader of (mostly) the same. Expect to see reviews from me of speculative fiction books from well known and less well known authors. (Many of my reviews WILL be cross posted from Goodreads).

Without Bloodshed

Without Bloodshed - Matthew Graybosch Pretty good read - it oscillates between cyberpunk and fantasy. It has cat people - but they aren't quite the overdone trope.

Also, a decent romantic subplot and plenty of sword fights.

There's also some libertarian propaganda in there - it's clear the author likes the idea of a world without governments, or at least a world where people only sign up for government if they want to. It's also clear he knows corruption might get in the way of that dream.

A decently fun read. Good characters and I have a weakness for genre-bending and cyberpunk.